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  • About Study Circle

    Since 2010 supporting students of Peel and Halton regions to reach their potential and pursue their dreams.
    We have been serving as a grass root organization for 9 years. We follow Ontario curriculum and our program design, teaching techniques, material and methodologies are developed by very experienced and trained staff.
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  • Our Mission.

    Our Mission
    An Organization supporting students, of Peel and Halton regions, reach their potential and pursue their dreams.
    Our Objectives
    • Positive learning attitude and skills
    • Promote academic excellence and knowledge
    Our Program
    • Special Story Telling Session – Connecting our seniors with our children and youth
    • Delivered at a Public School
    • Based on well proven basic principles of learning
    • Highly experienced, trained and passionate teachers
    • Blends fun, learning, and positive reinforcement
    • Builds foundation and basic skills – every lesson and interaction focus on developing key traits
    • High expectations – we raise the bar for students and teachers alike
    • Match traditional learning approaches with modern tools and techniques
    • Sessions over weekend for entire academic session
      • Sessions focus on key learning skills
      • Effective Studying Techniques
      • Time Management for Students
      • Art Classes
      • French and International Languages
      • Career Counseling for High School Students
      • Classes focussed on building academic basics by building Numeracy, Problem Solving, and Language skills
      • Sessions with quizzes, tests and prizes
      • Students encouraged to participate in various competitions like Math Kangaroo and University of Waterloo Math Contests
    • Our program is developed by experienced Ontario certified teachers aims at exceeding the expectations of Ontario Curriculum
  • Our Perspective

    Our Roots

    For over 10 years Study circle is supporting the students, of Peel and Halton regions, reach their potentials and pursue their dreams. Our organization provides intensive programs for Grade 1 to Grade 10 with dual objectives of instilling positive learning attitude and skills; and promoting academic excellence and knowledge among our students. Our team comprises of dedicated passionate teachers, staff, and volunteers with over 50 years of combined experience in the fields of education and training. Our curriculum developed by our team of dedicated volunteers including certified experienced teachers and experts in the field of education and training aims at exceeding the expectations of the Ontario Curriculum. Our school levels, called Study Circle Levels (SCLs), are at least one level above the equivalent grades in regular public school

    Our Perspective

    Young, impressionable minds are always hungry for more knowledge — the kind that brings about a hands-on practicality and sensibility.To draw a simple yet effective analogy out of a classroom — there is a difference in just reading about a Chemistry formula and watching it come alive in a lively, bubbly test-tube.

    Our coaching will help children navigate through their school eco-system and be ready for succesful career and life. While our coaching will make them shine in classroom but our mentoring will build them to be productive, engaged, and energized students and make them reach their true potential

    The Future

    Our promise: Every day you spend at study circle will inch you closer to a better tomorrow.

Study Circle Offering Summer Camp 2024 at Divine Mercy Elementary School.